Individual Therapy

Adults: little kids with longer legs and bigger wallets. We learn all these lessons about feelings, and those messages get mixed up with our understanding of ourselves and others. We are all desperate to be in connection with others, but sometimes put up blocks that send mixed messages to others, or we have trouble receiving love from them. We each carry a lens that colors how we operate in the world. Intense work of unpacking the stories we’ve been told and hung on to from our youth offers the opportunity for transformational growth. In building emotional strength to recognize the deep Knowing of your core self, you can begin to identify patterns that no longer serve you. You begin to build resilience and increase self awareness and self compassion. You start to feel connected to yourself and others.

We come along side adults to help with:

• Depression and anxiety symptoms
• Infertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting/co-parenting challenges
• Bereavement, grief and loss
• Work/career difficulties
• Shame and guilt
• Trauma
• Life transitions
• Separation or divorce contemplation

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