We offer individual and relationship therapy, and have a special niche in the journey from fertility through parenting.

We are accepting new clients for Fall 2022 for work with two new therapists.

Our work continually involves striking the balance between the past and the present, the internal world and external behaviors, intellect and emotion, roots and resources, spirituality and irreverence, and intuition and wonder.

As attachment-based, emotion-focused, process-oriented, experiential therapists who enter distressed systems in an embodied, heart-forward way, we are well-poised to bear complexity.

We are advocates of social and reproductive justice, allies to the LGBTQ+ community, and strive to work against our implicit biases.

Our office is located at 800 E. High St. in Charlottesville, VA. Teletherapy is available.

LCSW licensure supervision is available for individuals who hold their MSW.


Specializing in individual psychotherapy, pregnancy and postpartum for birthing individuals and couples, and relationship therapy.



Strength & Ease Psychotherapy was founded in 2018, based on the belief that every individual comes to therapy with his/her/their own unique experiences and needs.



We offer sessions both in person and through telehealth Monday – Friday. Our providers offer flexible scheduling to fit a wide variety of needs.


Strength & Ease Psychotherapy, LLC

Phone: 434-218-2634 Email: hello@strengthandease.com
Instagram: @strengthandease Office: 800 E. High St. Charlottesville, VA 22902